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Fair Trade LA @ Homeboy Industries’ “every angeleno counts” 5k


Empowered Purchasing

Fair Trade LA @ Homeboy Industries’ “every angeleno counts” 5k


Fair Trade LA supporters!  

rHope was so privileged to join Fair Trade LA and be part of their booth along with Laurel from Vida Verde at the Homeboy Industries’ “every angeleno counts” 5k Saturday October 18.

The walk had over 2,000 runners/walkers, food, a climbing wall, merchandise booths,  artists from all over LA displaying their works and more. Every volunteer and participant was smiling because they were running for hope and part of something that offers a chance.

Homeboy Industries supports people like Thomas. Thomas was working in the stall next to me.  He has grown up in Florence, in and out of gangs and prison much of his life. Ultimately he is thinking of his two year old daughter and wants a better life for her. How can he do that if people won’t hire him or give him a chance? Homeboy Industries is one of the only places for rehabilitation. They work with high risk, formerly gang involved men and women and provide services and paid job training. The founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Boyle set out 25 years ago, to provide jobs and education as alternatives to  gang life.  Over 120,000 former gang members and formerly incarcerated individuals have passed through Homeboy Industries and have changed their lives for the better.

Homeboy Industries tag line is “products with a purpose” which is in line with rHope and Fair Trade LA. We support artisan families, pay them a decent living wage and provide safe working conditions.  We also offer “products with a purpose”. Look for Homeboy industries products at Farmers Markets, grocery stores, have brunch at Homegirl Café, buy a t-shirt and/or remember that we all deserve a second chance and are capable of great things.